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Welcome to The Center for ENT, your trusted source for ENT doctors in Houston. We are among the most elite sinus, allergy, and hearing doctors in the country. With our world-class doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, we make every patient feel like the most important person in the room—because they are.

Breathe Easy With Balloon Sinuplasty

Want to alleviate your sinus symptoms quickly, safely, and effectively? Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that can give you life-changing relief from chronic sinusitis.

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We are experts in the most cutting-edge ENT treatments for sinus, allergy, and hearing, but our greatest quality is our delivery of the most comprehensive, individualized care possible. You are unique and so is the treatment we provide for you.

Sinus Problems

Life with a sinus condition is no way to live. Our experienced sinus doctors in Houston provide relief and expert care for a multitude of problems, including sinusitis, snoring, nasal polyps, deviated septum, and more.

post-nasal-drip Postnasal Drip
congestion Congestion
discolored-discharge Discolored Discharge
sinus-pain-pressure Facial Pain/Pressure
frontal-headaches Sinus Headaches
snoring Snoring
reoccuring-sinus-infections Frequent Sinus Infections
difficulty-breathing Difficulty Breathing Through Nose

Are you a candidate?

If you are experiencing a combination of symptoms or aren’t sure exactly what’s going on, it may be time to see an expert.

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Discover comprehensive ENT and sinus care.

  • Superior medical technology
  • Specialized sinus expertise
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Advanced diagnostic testing
  • Innovative treatment and procedure options

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Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

Millions of people live with the discomfort and stress of nasal and sinus symptoms, and mistake their condition for “normal” allergies. But ignoring the signs of a potentially serious issue can have a lasting negative impact on your health and your quality of life.

nasal-congestion Nasal congestion
runny-nose Runny nose
difficulty-breathing Difficulty breathing
sneezing Sneezing
wheezing Wheezing
itchy-eyes Itchy eyes
sore-scratchy-throat Sore or scratchy throat
coughing Cough

Are you a candidate?

If you are experiencing a combination of symptoms or aren’t sure exactly what’s going on, it may be time to see an expert.

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Allergies, asthma, or both?

  • Superior medical technology
  • The most accurate diagnostic testing
  • Individualized care
  • Specialized allergy and asthma specialists
  • Innovative new treatments and therapies

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Hearing Services —
Work with our multi-disciplinary team of audiologists and ENT doctors in Houston and improve your quality of life with advanced hearing assessments, treatments, and devices.
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Hearing Aids
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Hearing Testing
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Tinnitus Therapy
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Custom Ear Products
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Conditions We Treat
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Hearing Problems

Our audiologists are highly trained and experienced in offering appropriate preventative care as well as providing treatment for various types and degrees of hearing loss.

muffled-sounds Muffled Sounds and Voices
difficult-on-phone Difficulty Understanding Phone Conversations
difficult-background-noise Trouble Hearing with Background Noise
repeat-themself Asking Others to Repeat Themselves
loud-volume-setting Family/Friends Say the TV is Too Loud
not-talking Withdrawal from Conversation
not-being-social Avoidance of Social Settings
hearing-bell Tinnitus (Ringing or Buzzing)

Are you a candidate?

If you are experiencing any number of these symptoms, it may be time to see an expert.

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Find advanced hearing solutions.

  • Personalized treatment planning
  • Cutting-edge hearing aid technology
  • Extensive selection of customized ear products  
  • Specialized audiological expertise 
  • Advanced assessment techniques

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General ENT Symptoms

Below are the most common symptoms that lead our patients to visit The Center for ENT. Our state-of-the-art facility and innovative treatment options can offer relief for them all.

difficult-to-breathe Difficulty Breathing
generally-congested Congestion
general-runny-nose Runny Nose
itchy-or-scratchy-throat Sore Throat
coughing-sneezing Coughing / Sneezing
general-sinus-pressure Sinus Pain / Pressure
general-hearing-loss Hearing Loss
chronic-snoring Snoring

Are you a candidate?

If you are experiencing a combination of symptoms or aren’t sure exactly what’s going on, it may be time to see an expert.

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Is it a cold or something severe?

  • Revolutionary medical technologies
  • Diagnostic testing with pin-point accuracy
  • Comprehensive, personalized care
  • World-class sinus and ENT surgeons
  • The latest treatments and procedures

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Technology Makes a Difference

With the latest medical devices and equipment, we provide individualized treatment planning, perform groundbreaking surgical procedures and therapies, and represent the highest standard of care.

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The Center for ENT accommodates busy schedules with flexible appointment times and online resources. From your first visit to your last, our goal is to make treatment as easy and stress-free as possible.

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See What Our Patients Have to Say

Don’t just take our word for it. View our testimonials to discover how we’ve helped many patients overcome their sinus, allergy, and hearing problems.

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Exceptional Experience

After the initial decision to get these hearing aids, it has been an exceptional experience. The instructions, explanations and follow-up have changed my hearing life – all for the better.

The Expert Place

This group is “the expert place”. Prompt, knowledgable, efficient and friendly – and you can hear better when you leave. :)

Highly Qualified Audiologists

My experience has always been outstanding. Highly qualified audiologists and every visit has been thorough and professional, followup questions responded to quickly, along with pleasant surroundings and empathetic attitudes.


Unsurpassed Individualized Patient Care

There’s no such thing as “routine care” because no two patients are alike. Every patient that walks through our doors will receive our full, undivided attention as we thoroughly assess their condition, provide an accurate diagnosis, and determine the best course of action for them.

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