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Dr. Hung at the Center for ENT, was able to find the issue in a matter of minutes, and then conduct the medical procedure (including endoscopy and cauterization) to resolve it. The entire appointment took less than 20 minutes, but what stood out more to me was this man's compassion and human kindness. This has been a high point of anxiety for me and he made sure I stayed calm. Not only did he take care of my issue, but now I definitely know I have a expert in the field I can count on, and that expert is Dr. Hung.


I have nothing but praise for the amazing Dr. Powitzky and the whole staff at The Center for ENT. He's the best doctor I've ever had-so patient, thorough, knowledgeable and honest. The staff next door at the allergy clinic were also wonderful, especially Lucy. I would recommend Dr. Powitzky and this practice to everyone!

Exceptional Experience

After the initial decision to get these hearing aids, it has been an exceptional experience. The instructions, explanations and follow-up have changed my hearing life – all for the better.