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Merging classic techniques with the latest innovations in ENT research, we deliver the most effective treatment possible for sinus, allergy, and hearing conditions.
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Raising the Bar

Modern Technology Meets Tailored Treatment

Whether you are experiencing nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, or trouble hearing—we have treatments that will improve your quality of life. For advanced sinus problems, we use Xoran MiniCAT™ technology to immediately identify the root cause of your symptoms and find the most effective treatment. In audiology, our expertise, experience, and advanced technology are unmatched. Our LifeSound Suite allows our audiologists to create digital simulations of various listening environments to fit hearing aids in “real-life” situations.


We Are Sinus, Allergy & Asthma Experts

The Center for ENT is home to world-class, board-certified sinus, allergy, and hearing doctors and surgeons. Collectively, we represent decades of experience and leadership in Houston ENT care. Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology that enables us to diagnose conditions with remarkable speed and accuracy, and treat all degrees of sinus, allergy, or hearing problems using the most effective therapies and procedures possible.

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Meet Our Dedicated Team

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Project Manager
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LVN, MScM | Clinical Manager
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What We Do

  • Adult and pediatric treatment 
  • Sinus treatment and surgery
  • Allergy and asthma management
  • Audiology and hearing aid services

What to Expect


Our team is passionate about bringing fresh, common-sense solutions to patient care. We use innovative point-of-care and intraoperative CT solutions to provide highly effective, minimally-invasive surgical procedures with complete acquisition and reconstruction in less than 25 seconds! This technology yields superb image quality, allowing physicians to examine the most intricate anatomy in incredible detail.


50 Years of Experience
Fifty years and counting—we are a city staple based in Houston, Texas. Our practice only recruits doctors and surgeons with the highest levels of education, experience, and training. As a result, The Center for ENT has become one of Houston’s best sinus, allergy, and hearing treatment centers.


Scope of Practice
Sinus, allergy, and hearing problems are common, but symptoms can vary significantly for each individual. We provide advanced diagnostics and comprehensive, personalized care for many conditions, including chronic sinusitis, hearing loss, allergies, deviated nasal septum, snoring, sleep apnea, nasal polyps, ear infections, and much more!


Patient Experience
In addition to providing life-changing relief for sinus, allergy, and hearing conditions, we want you to have a memorable experience at our facility. You can expect a clean and comfortable environment managed by a welcoming staff who will happily answer questions and address concerns. We also listen carefully to patient feedback and continually work to improve your experience.

Unsurpassed Personal
Patient Care

There’s no such thing as “routine care” because no two patients are alike. When you visit The Center for ENT, you will receive our full, undivided attention as we thoroughly assess you or your child, properly diagnose the condition, and create a treatment plan together.


Ready to get the relief you deserve?

Our friendly clinical staff is standing by and ready to take your call. You can also request a visit online! With our convenient locations and flexible appointment times, you’ll have no problem scheduling around school, work, and activities. We look forward to meeting you!

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