Advanced Immunodeficiency Treatment

If you suffer from recurring illnesses such as sinus infections or pneumonia, you may have an immunodeficiency disorder. Immunoglobulin therapy can offer relief.

What Is an Immunodeficiency Disorder?

Condition Overview

An immunodeficiency disorder occurs when there is an immune system defect that limits your body’s ability to fight infections. People are either born with a deficiency or acquire it later in life. The most common symptoms of an immunodeficiency disorder are recurrent sinus infections, skin infections, pneumonia, meningitis, or joint infections.

While there is no cure, conditions can be managed with proper immunodeficiency treatment. To diagnose an immune deficiency, a board-certified allergist-immunologist will gather a detailed medical history, conduct a thorough examination, and draw blood. Once the particular defect is identified, an appropriate treatment plan is created. 

In many cases, we use powerful therapies such as immunoglobulin supplementation to prevent recurrent infections. Immunoglobulins are also known as antibodies, which help identify and fight infections. Immunoglobulin supplementation provides the antibodies your immune system cannot produce on its own to fight infection. This type of immunoglobulin therapy can be administered through an IV or injected just below the skin.


Advantages & Outcomes

  • Immunodeficiency disorders can be managed with proper treatment to reduce the frequency of acute infections and illnesses.  
  • When administered by a board-certified immunologist, immunoglobulin therapy is a safe and effective treatment option that can deliver life changing results.  



Take Control Of Your Health

Under the care and attention of our immunology experts, the latest advancements in immunoglobulin therapy can represent a bright and hopeful new future for patients suffering from recurrent infections.

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We offer the latest treatment options available for immunodeficiency disorders, such as immunoglobulin supplementation.


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Most patients who receive immunoglobulin therapy experience fewer infections and an improved quality of life.

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Our immunologists listen attentively, answer questions, and spend time with patients to fully understand their needs. As a result, the treatment plan we develop together is customized to effectively address your allergy, asthma, and immunology conditions and any concerns you may have.

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