Oral Food Challenge

When skin and blood testing for food allergies come back as normal, an oral food challenge can provide definitive answers.

What Is an Oral Food Challenge?

Testing Overview

An oral food challenge is the most definitive test used to rule out a suspected food allergy. It should only be performed under the supervision of an experienced allergist under controlled conditions. The patient is given increasing amounts of the suspected food at regular intervals and monitored closely for signs of an allergic reaction. This process is continued until the patient either demonstrates the ability to tolerate a full serving or has an allergic reaction. In the event of an allergic reaction, our medical team will promptly provide appropriate care.


Advantages & Outcomes

  • The oral food challenge is the most effective method to evaluate for a suspected food allergen.
  • With a complete understanding of your food allergies, eating behaviors can be modified to avoid triggering a reaction.
  • In cases involving a severe food allergy, a personalized emergency action treatment plan can be life-saving.



Get The Relief You Deserve

From grocery shopping and dining out to monitoring school lunches or classroom snacks, food-based allergies create stressful situations for children and parents. Having definitive knowledge and support from an experienced allergist can help make everyday activities safer and less stressful.

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Advanced Diagnostics
Food allergy testing is performed in a controlled environment using advanced medical equipment and technology.


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Our tests are remarkably accurate and will provide straightforward answers.


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Every patient we see is unique, and that is how we approach their care. Your treatment plan is specific to your condition to ensure the best possible outcome. You can also expect a clean, safe, welcoming environment and attentive support from our doctors and medical staff.

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