Enjoying Entertainment with Hearing Loss

The holidays are only just beginning in Houston. Soon your home will be full of family and friends enjoying good food and conversation. You may also throw in a movie or ten. If you have hearing loss, this may be where it gets complicated.

Enjoying Entertainment with Hearing Loss in HoustonNormally, those with hearing loss would simply turn the volume of the movie up higher. Turns out that this actually makes hearing harder. Loud sounds do not travel as well through the air, so the sound that finally reaches your hearing aid is not clear. Also, turning the volume on the television up may work for your degree of hearing but it is most likely quite uncomfortable for your guests.

But don’t fret, there is good news. There are a number of assistive listening devices that are made for just this occasion.


Hearing aids enabled with Bluetooth® are the easiest and simplest way to connect your aid with a number of devices, specifically your television. The hearing aid comes with a controller that transmits and receives the wireless signal, directly broadcasting the sound from the TV into your hearing aid. Newer electronics are usually Bluetooth enabled; if you are using an older device you may need to buy an adapter.

Television Adapters

These devices connect to your television and transmit sound directly to your hearing aids. The good thing about these adapters is that multiple people can connect to them at once. This means if more than one person watching the television uses a hearing aid, everyone can connect and have the sound broadcast directly into their hearing aids at a level comfortable to each person.

Hearing Loop

One of the older assistive listening devices is a hearing loop. If you have a telecoil enabled hearing aid (most do), you can outfit your living room for a hearing loss. All you will need is an amplifier and the right wire. The amplifier is plugged into the TV and the wire is laid around the perimeter of the room. The amplifier is then able to broadcast the sound from the television directly to your hearing aid through the hearing loop.

Don’t miss out on anything this holiday season. Click here to contact your Houston audiologist today.

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