Hearing Aids Can Help Your Career

Hearing loss has long been stigmatized. This has led to many individuals in Houston putting off seeking treatment for their hearing loss. Like most health conditions, the best results come from early intervention.

Only 20 percent of those who could benefit from a hearing device actually wear one; most of the individuals who seek help wait an average of seven years to do so. If you are suffering from hearing loss and debating if you should visit your Houston hearing aids center, would it help to know that the use of hearing aids has been linked to an increase in professional success?

Here are three of the ways hearing aids can improve your work life.

Hearing Loss in the Houston Workplace

Improved Communication

Let’s face it, regardless of your profession, communication is a large part of any job. Those with a hearing impairment are often at a disadvantage because of this. The Better Hearing Institute conducted a study that showed employees with hearing loss struggled the most when speaking over the phone or conversing with their coworkers. Wearing a hearing aid to work can help improve your ability to communicate.

Decreased Cognitive Load

Hearing loss affects more than just your ability to hear sounds. Since a hearing impairment places extra burden on the auditory system (the part of the brain responsible for processing and decoding sounds), it can overload the brain and negatively impact your job performance. The University of Texas at El Paso conducted a study that showed using hearing aids helped individuals decrease their cognitive load, which in turn resulted in improved memory and processing speed.

Increased Confidence

Hearing loss can be harmful to your self-perception and confidence level due to the social stigma and your impaired ability to communicate with others. While it is an easy leap to make that wearing a hearing aid would only add to this decrease in self-confidence, the opposite is actually true. Studies have shown that listening devices lead to a more positive outlook and improve self-confidence.

If you think you may be suffering from hearing loss, now is the time to visit your Houston audiologist. Once there, your audiologist will complete a series of tests and customize a treatment plan just for you. Start this journey now by calling us today.


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