Dr. Michael Byrd



Meet Our Newest Doctor:




Q: What do you really like to do?

Dr. Byrd: What do I like? I like doing it all. I'm General ENT, so I do everything, but I have an interest in treating obstructive sleep apnea.

You have to look at The Center for ENT as one stop shopping. Everybody has their own kind of little niche that they're interested in.I provide good, comprehensive otolaryngology care to both the adult and pediatric population.

My approach to patients, is just like you and I are talking, I like to talk to my patients. I have had several patients tell me: "Oh yeah, you actually listened".  I don't try to rush in and get out. I listen and try to come up with a plan and try to include them in that process.

Yes, I'm the doctor who's treating you, but you also have to be an active participant in the treatment. This is a contact sport. This isn't me just dictating what you do. You have to be actively involved in that.

Another reason I went into ENT was because I like the surgery, but I don't want to be in the operating room all day. I actually like seeing patients. For me personally, that patient interaction is important.

My name is Dr. Michael Byrd and I look forward to seeing you at the Center for ENT.


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