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Whether you suspect a problem with your ear, nose, throat, or even a combination of all three, we will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Common ENT Conditions



Loud and unnatural breathing during sleep could be a symptom of sinusitis or other serious health issues, such as sleep apnea.


Sleep Apnea

Sufferers from this chronic condition may experience frequent, prolonged pauses in their breathing during sleep. We can help identify and treat the factors contributing to sleep apnea in order to relieve your symptoms.


Trouble Swallowing

Difficulty swallowing may stem from a benign cause or might be a sign of something more serious.


Chronic Cough

Persistent cough has many possible origins. It can be caused by a sinus infection, allergies, gastric reflux, a lung problem, or many other conditions.


Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common hearing conditions we treat and can affect individuals of all ages.



A hoarse voice could be a sign of vocal cord damage, laryngitis, gastrointestinal reflux, allergies, and other conditions. We help you figure out the cause.


Ear Infections

Ear infections are a common but painful problem often associated with allergies, sinus infections, colds, and the flu.


Thyroid Tumors

If you notice a lump or fullness in your lower neck, you may have a thyroid tumor.  Removal of the gland may relieve your symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Most ENT Conditions

difficult-to-breathe Difficulty Breathing
generally-congested Nasal Congestion
general-runny-nose Runny Nose
itchy-or-scratchy-throat Sore or Scratchy Throat
coughing-sneezing Coughing/Sneezing
general-sinus-pressure Sinus Pain/Pressure
general-hearing-loss Hearing Loss
chronic-snoring Snoring

Remember What Relief Feels Like?

When your ENT issues are severe, it can be hard to remember what life felt like before your symptoms were a constant. Our ENT doctors can help restore your senses so you can enjoy the world around you—which is exactly what this recent patient experienced after her surgery.

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Past Patient Success Stories

Exceptional Experience

After the initial decision to get these hearing aids, it has been an exceptional experience. The instructions, explanations and follow-up have changed my hearing life – all for the better.

The Expert Place

This group is “the expert place”. Prompt, knowledgable, efficient and friendly – and you can hear better when you leave. :)

Highly Qualified Audiologists

My experience has always been outstanding. Highly qualified audiologists and every visit has been thorough and professional, followup questions responded to quickly, along with pleasant surroundings and empathetic attitudes.


Why Choose The Center for ENT?

  • Highly Professional
    Every member of our staff is trained and experienced in supporting children and adults as they seek treatment for ENT conditions.
  • Empathetic Doctors
    Many ENT conditions can be scary or stressful. Our staff is sensitive to the emotions of our patients and will work to make treatment as stress-free as possible.
  • Superior Technology
    The Center for ENT is a technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment facility.
  • Innovative Treatments
    Our doctors are at the forefront of otolaryngology and perform all the latest breakthrough procedures and therapies.
  • Life-Changing Results
    Chronic ENT conditions can reduce your quality of life. We are determined, experienced, and highly successful at relieving and even eliminating these conditions.

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From allergists and audiologists to sinus specialists and surgical experts, we are a leading provider of comprehensive ENT care in Houston. Our world-class experts, advanced resources, and innovative treatments help countless adults and children get lasting relief from chronic conditions and diseases affecting the ears, nose, and throat.


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