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The Center for ENT proudly stands at the forefront of modern medicine. Our experienced and board-certified doctors are world-class leaders in otolaryngology with an affinity for exceeding the highest standard of care.

Treatments We Offer


Thyroid Surgery

The thyroid gland is located in the lower portion of the neck and contributes to metabolism. Under some circumstances it can become enlarged, compressing other organs around it. Tumors can also grow in the gland. When these problems occur the gland can be safely removed.


Tonsillectomy / Adenoidectomy Surgery

Removing the tonsils and/or adenoids may be necessary when they are chronically enlarged or infected. Inflamed or enlarged tonsils can cause persistent snoring, sleep apnea, bad breath, frequent tonsil infections, and tonsil stones.


Salivary Gland Surgery

The salivary glands can become chronically infected or contain tumors. Removing the gland can relieve symptoms from these conditions.


Sleep Surgery

Certain patients with obstructive sleep apnea may benefit from a surgical procedure to improve or even cure their sleep apnea.


Lymph Node Biopsy Surgery

Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck may be a sign of an infection, inflammation, or a tumor. We use modern surgical techniques to evaluate and treat enlarged lymph nodes in the neck.


Ear Tubes

Relieve ear pain, hearing problems, or chronic ear infections with ear tubes. Ear tube placement is a common, semi-permanent procedure to help equalize pressure or drain fluid behind the eardrum.


Hearing Aids

Regain your ability to communicate with advanced new digital technology, unprecedented customizability, and discreet or invisible hearing aid products.

General ENT Problems & Symptoms

difficult-to-breathe Difficulty Breathing
generally-congested Congestion
general-runny-nose Runny Nose
itchy-or-scratchy-throat Sore Throat
coughing-sneezing Coughing/Sneezing
general-sinus-pressure Sinus Pain/Pressure
general-hearing-loss Hearing Loss
chronic-snoring Snoring

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Past Patient Success Stories

Exceptional Experience

After the initial decision to get these hearing aids, it has been an exceptional experience. The instructions, explanations and follow-up have changed my hearing life – all for the better.

The Expert Place

This group is “the expert place”. Prompt, knowledgable, efficient and friendly – and you can hear better when you leave. :)

Highly Qualified Audiologists

My experience has always been outstanding. Highly qualified audiologists and every visit has been thorough and professional, followup questions responded to quickly, along with pleasant surroundings and empathetic attitudes.


Why Choose The Center for ENT?

  • Highly Professional
    As leaders in otolaryngology, you can expect the highest degree of proficiency and respect from every member of our medical team.
  • Empathetic Doctors
    We are sensitive to the feelings and emotions you may have and offer support to help you through treatment.

  • Superior Technology
    Your treatment will take place in a state-of-the-art ENT facility equipped with the most advanced medical tools and equipment.

  • Innovative Treatments
    Patients have access to a variety of treatment options, including breakthrough procedures and the newest medications.

  • Life-Changing Results
    We have helped countless patients overcome their condition and live each day to their fullest potential. Our greatest hope is to do the same for you.

Stop Suffering and Start Living

People often ignore general ENT problems and symptoms. Sinus issues get mistaken for the common cold, allergies get misdiagnosed, and sleep problems such as snoring are thought to be normal, but the truth is—these issues could lead to serious health problems. The Center for ENT provides accurate diagnoses and highly effective treatments to manage and cure even the most severe ENT conditions.


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