Common Hearing Conditions

39 million Americans have hearing loss, and more than half of these individuals could benefit from hearing aids.
hearing conditions we treat

Conditions We Treat


Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common hearing conditions we treat and can affect individuals of all ages.



The ringing or buzzing sound associated with tinnitus can make life feel unbearable at times, but with the right management techniques, we can lessen the distraction.

Common Hearing Problem Symptoms For Older Children & Adults

muffled-sounds Muffled Sounds and Voices
difficult-on-phone Difficulty Interpreting Words
difficult-background-noise Trouble Hearing Consonants
repeat-themself Asking Others to Repeat Themselves
loud-volume-setting Loud Volume Settings
not-talking Withdrawal from Conversation
not-being-social Avoidance of Social Settings
hearing-bell Phantom Sound (ringing or buzzing)

Common Hearing Problem Symptoms
For Infants & Younger Children

startled Does Not Readily React to Loud Sounds
not-reacting Does Not Turn Head or Eyes Toward Sound
speech-delay Limited or Delayed Speech
learning-issues Learning

Hearing Care Tailored to Your Needs

Hearing issues don't have to impede your quality of life. You have treatment options. Our audiologists can help you feel comfortable participating in conversations again, just as we did for this recent patient, who was able to discover what true clarity is.

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Past Patient Success Stories

Exceptional Experience

After the initial decision to get these hearing aids, it has been an exceptional experience. The instructions, explanations and follow-up have changed my hearing life – all for the better.

The Expert Place

This group is “the expert place”. Prompt, knowledgable, efficient and friendly – and you can hear better when you leave. :)

Highly Qualified Audiologists

My experience has always been outstanding. Highly qualified audiologists and every visit has been thorough and professional, followup questions responded to quickly, along with pleasant surroundings and empathetic attitudes.


Why Choose The Center for ENT?

  • Expert Audiologists
    Our patients work with a talented multi-disciplinary team of doctors of audiology, clinical staff, and ENT specialists. 
  • Empathetic Care
    A hearing condition can have a significant emotional impact.  Our audiologists will talk through this with you, offering understanding and guidance.
  • Superior Technology
    Incredible new hearing technology emerges every year. We make sure our patients have access to the latest innovations.
  • Innovative Treatments
    Our audiologists are highly qualified and experienced in the most advanced hearing treatments.

Advanced Treatment Delivered by Experts

Adjusting technology to maximize your hearing capabilities requires skill and precision. Our audiologists collectively have decades of experience managing hearing treatment and technology with sensitivity and compassion. As you grow and your needs and preferences change, we adjust your treatment to ensure that your hearing care aligns with your lifestyle. Often, the results are life-changing.


Ready to get help?

Hearing conditions can be unnerving. With flexible appointment times and friendly support, we make taking the first step easy. Complete the form below or call our hearing center to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced audiologists.

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