Assistive Listening Devices for Hearing Impaired Individuals

An assistive listening device (ALD) refers to any electronic component that helps a person with hearing loss communicate. These devices, used with or without hearing aids, may enhance and supplement your ability to hear in challenging environments.

What Are Assistive Listening Devices for the Hearing Impaired?

Device Overview

Assistive listening devices for hearing impaired adults and children are similar to hearing aids in that they enhance and deliver sound directly into the ear. However, these devices are designed for specific listening environments. The technology relies on radio broadcast, infrared, or inductive loop technology to separate speech from background noise and help hearing-impaired people follow conversations and public speakers with greater ease.

Each device has a microphone, transmission technology, and an earpiece for receiving sound. A Center for ENT audiologist can teach you how to use the device and can calibrate some assistive listening devices to work with other hearing devices, such as a cochlear implant or hearing aids.


Advantages & Outcomes

  • Get hearing support that fits your lifestyle. 
  • Follow conversations without background noise interfering with your ability to hear. 
  • Enhance the effectiveness of other hearing devices, including hearing aids and cochlear implants.
  • Improve your ability to hear in environments with challenging acoustics (i.e., churches, theaters, museums, etc.).



Be Part of the Conversation

Assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired can reduce feelings of isolation and lessen the emotional impact of living with significant hearing loss. With assistive listening devices, many patients are able to reconnect with friends and family and start participating in life again instead of watching it go by.

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What to Expect

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Patients have the ability to create individually personalized settings to improve hearing in any listening environment.


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We provide patients with access to the most technologically advanced hearing devices available.

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The Center for ENT is committed to customizing treatment and care for each patient. We firmly believe the best way to deliver incredible results is to design every solution and treatment plan around the patient, not just the condition.

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