Custom Ear Products

A custom ear product is any device that is fitted to the specific shape of your ear using an ear mold impression. At our hearing center, we provide more than just hearing aids. We offer a wide array of custom ear plugs and ear protection to deliver comprehensive hearing care.

What type of custom ear product is right for you?

Product Overview

Our patients are unique individuals and so are their hearing and ear needs. We offer the right custom ear products to accommodate your lifestyle. Choose from our wide array of expertly-customized options, which include musician monitors, digital and standard hearing protection, swim molds, sleep plugs, and more!


Advantages & Outcomes

  • Protect your ears from the damaging effects of prolonged noise exposure and conserve your hearing with a perfectly fitted custom ear product.
  • With custom-fitted musician monitors, you can enhance the awareness of your own sound and achieve peak performance on stage or in the studio.
  • Improve sleep quality with custom ear plugs, which will finally deliver a quiet, comfortable night of rest.
  • Enhance leisure and occupational experiences without the worry of potentially compromising your hearing.



Customize Your Ear Experience

Do your leisure activities expose you to loud noise that could potentially lead to hearing loss? Do you frequently get swimmer's ear? Are you a musician? If the answer is yes, let us provide you with custom ear protection products that will safeguard your hearing!

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What to Expect

The Highest Standard of Care

Advanced Products
We offer a wide variety of custom ear products, plugs, and devices.


Expert Support
Our audiologists are highly trained and can handle any of your hearing health needs.


Customizable Experience
We take precise ear mold impressions, analyze the fit, and adjust for optimal performance.


Better Quality of Life
We have the resources and expertise to help you find a solution that works for your lifestyle.

Unsurpassed Personal
Patient Care

The Center for ENT is committed to customizing treatment and care for each patient. We firmly believe the best way to deliver incredible results is to design every solution and treatment plan around the patient, not just the condition.

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