Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ear, such as buzzing or ringing, that is not produced by an external source. There is no cure for tinnitus, but at our hearing center we help patients learn to manage tinnitus through a process called habituation.

What is Tinnitus Therapy?

Treatment Overview

At the Center for ENT, we help patients reach habituation via sound therapy.

This therapy is delivered through the use of hearing devices such as hearing aids. These devices emit tones into the wearer’s ear that mimic pleasant, relaxing sounds such as ocean waves. Calming sounds can help make tinnitus less noticeable.

Relaxation and stress reduction are vital components in effective tinnitus therapy, as stress is one of the most common factors associated with tinnitus. Even patients with normal hearing are able to benefit from the use of these devices if they suffer from tinnitus.


Advantages & Outcomes

  • Undergo a thorough examination and receive an accurate diagnosis that can lead to effective treatment.
  • Manage emotional and cognitive responses to tinnitus and reduce the overall experience of distress or negativity surrounding the issue.
  • Learn coping mechanisms through sound therapy that improve your quality of sleep and focus at work or school. 
  • Develop the skills to habituate tinnitus and live your life without noticing that it’s there.



Get The Relief You Deserve

With time, counseling, a hearing device, some lifestyle modifications, and the right therapies, it is possible to achieve habituation of tinnitus to the point that it becomes as unnoticeable as rain falling outside your window.

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