Sinus Conditions We Treat

Everyone experiences sinus problems at some point in life, but for more than 30 million people, the symptoms are severe and persistent enough to impact their quality of life.

Sinus Problems



Sinusitis is a long-lasting or recurring sinus infection that causes difficulty breathing through the nose, loss of smell, sinus pain, nasal congestion, and more.


Deviated Nasal Septum

If the septum that divides your nostrils in half deviates far enough to one side or the other, it can block airflow through the nasal passages, making it difficult to breathe.


Enlarged Nasal Turbinates

Swelling of the bone, vessels, and tissue inside the nose could be to blame for chronic sinus infections, congestion, and more.


Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are soft tissue growths in the nasal passageway that can block airflow and prevent drainage, resulting in chronic infection, difficulty breathing, and more.


Nose Conditions

Lasting congestion, runny nose, facial pressure, and difficulty breathing are all signs of a sinus condition that may require treatment.



Loud and unnatural breathing during sleep could be a symptom of sinusitis or other serious health issues, such as sleep apnea.

Common Sinus Symptoms

post-nasal-drip Postnasal Drip
congestion Congestion
discolored-discharge Discolored Discharge
sinus-pain-pressure Sinus Pain/Pressure
frontal-headaches Frontal Headaches
snoring Snoring
reoccuring-sinus-infections Frequent Sinus Infections
difficulty-breathing Difficulty Breathing Through the Nose

Remember What Sinus Relief Feels Like?

When your sinus issues are severe, it can be hard to remember what life felt like before your symptoms were a constant. Our sinus doctors can help restore your senses so you can enjoy the world around you—which is exactly what this recent patient experienced after sinus surgery.

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Why Choose The Center for ENT?

  • World-Class Doctors
    Our ENT physicians are among the most talented and experienced professionals in the field of otolaryngology.
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    Our facility is clean, safe, comforting, and managed by a remarkable staff that treats every patient with sensitivity, empathy, and respect.
  • Advanced Technology
    Our state-of-the-art facility runs on the most advanced medical equipment and technology for unprecedented accuracy, safety, and results.
  • Innovative Treatments
    We offer breakthrough procedures to address sinus conditions without the need for invasive surgery.
  • Life-Changing Results
    We genuinely invest in your quality of life. To that end, we will exhaust all options in our effort to deliver lasting results.

Don’t ignore your sinus issues.

Sinus conditions can feel similar to the common cold, but congestion, snoring, sinus pressure, and other symptoms that stick around or keep coming back might indicate the presence of a more serious infection. If sinus infections go untreated, they can eventually spread to other parts of the body, causing severe health problems, such as blindness or meningitis.



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