Sinus Services We Offer

The Center for ENT is one of Houston’s most trusted providers of groundbreaking new treatments and sinus procedures that can deliver significant, lasting relief.

Sinus Procedures


Balloon Sinuplasty

Benefit from an advanced procedure that reduces or eliminates chronic sinus symptoms and other conditions using safe, minimally invasive balloon technology.


Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

We offer the most modern, advanced surgical techniques utilizing cutting-edge technology to treat chronic sinus symptoms while reducing side effects and recovery time.

Nasal Septoplasty

Nasal Septoplasty

Receive corrective surgery for a deviated septum that can permanently improve breathing without a long, painful recovery period or visible scarring.

Nasal Valve Repair

Nasal Valve Repair

Reshape the inner nose without major nasal surgery to open up nasal passages and improve the quality of breathing and sleep.


Nasal Turbinate Reduction

Get relief from nasal congestion and stuffy nose without damaging the nasal turbinates’ ability to filter and humidify the air.

allergy treatments in Houston

Allergy Treatment

Identify the allergens causing your discomfort and follow a tailored treatment plan for long-term management and relief.


Advanced Technology

Gain access to revolutionary sinus procedures, therapies, and treatments at our state-of-the-art facility.

Common Sinus Symptoms

reoccuring-sinus-infections Frequent Sinus Infections
congestion Nasal
discolored-discharge Discolored
difficulty-breathing Difficulty Breathing Through the Nose
frontal-headaches Sinus Headaches
post-nasal-drip Postnasal Drainage
sinus-pain-pressure Sinus Pain
snoring Snoring

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Got My Life Back.

Dr. Powitzky and he was the kindest, patient and professional doctor that I've ever met. I've referred several people to The Center for ENT and passed out business cards. Just today I was encouraging a co-worker to meet with them.

Top Notch

Dr. Patton and his staff are top notch. Professional and detailed in the process and follow up. I highly recommend them.

Best Front Desk Personnel

Dr. Ron Moses is the most attentive, helpful, friendly and dedicated doc I've ever been to. I have been suffering with severe, chronic sinus problems for years, and it is so comforting to feel that I have such a caring advocate on my side. Also, I am always impressed by the friendly, cheery and efficient front desk personnel who make visiting the office a pleasure.


Why Choose The Center for ENT?

  • Highly Experienced
    Our team of physicians, surgeons, and clinical staff are world-class experts with extensive experience in treating numerous sinus conditions.
  • Compassionate Care
    We created a safe, comforting environment where the feelings and emotions of our patients are validated and handled with care.
  • Superior Medical Technology
    Sinus testing, treatment, and procedures are performed using state-of-the-art equipment and reflect the latest medical innovations.
  • Minimally Invasive Treatments
    We treat many sinus conditions using advanced techniques and tools to maximize relief and minimize risks.
  • Life-Changing Results
    Our individualized approach to treatment aims to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient.

Don’t settle for sinus symptoms.

Whether symptoms are mild, moderate, or severe, most patients who find relief from sinus conditions will agree—they wish they would have gotten treatment sooner. Modern medicine is making huge strides in the treatment of sinus issues to help sufferers reduce or eliminate their dependency on medications and live a healthier, more comfortable life.


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